Our Vision

We believe that brand owners need a new way to leverage their products to better engage with consumers; they need a way to transform how their product packaging looks and feels, and how consumers interact with it. Velox is the innovator that will drive that transformation.

We will revolutionize the packaging decoration market by making mass-production, digital direct-to-shape decoration a reality. By enabling personalized packaging, at any quantity, and with fast turnaround on high-volumes, we will drive new opportunities and business growth for converters. Together with our converter customers, we will empower brand-owners to better communicate and bring value to consumers, while keeping prices low and improving sustainability.

Our Values


  • Our success is dependent upon our customers’ success
  • Our customers’ needs and priorities guide us in everything we do
  • Our customers are far more than customers – they are our partners in success

Commited to Innovation

  • We will not be boxed in by established methods
  • We use breakthrough technologies to create innovative solutions
  • We see our customers’ challenges as an opportunity to expand our offering and value

Transparency & accountability

  • We are committed to honest dealings with all customers, partners, suppliers and employees; honesty is the basis of all successful relationships
  • While effort is important, it is the result that counts
  • We do not rest until issues are resolved


  • One plus one equals far more than two – We believe that disruptive, game-changing solutions can be created only by close cooperation and teamwork
  • Teamwork begins with respect for one another and respect for diverse opinions