Velox’s innovative direct-to-shape digital decoration solution opens a new world of possibilities for designers and brand-owners to communicate and engage with consumers. Transform your packaging decoration through:

  • A unique, differentiated look on the shelf – Full design freedom and a powerful opportunity to stand-out

  • Ultra-granular versioning and customization – Enabling creative growth strategies such as localization, variations and event editions, even in ultra-short runs

  • Personalization – Cost-effective variable data printing per container allows fully personalized decoration

Want to learn more about what you can do with Velox’s industrial direct-to-shape digital decorator? Get more details about Velox workshop:

Design guidelines to fully
utilize Velox’s superior digital
decoration capabilities

Leverage digital decoration
operational agility to
strengthen your brand

Learn how to design your artwork to leverage the full range of capabilities enabled by Velox digital decoration technology for utmost brand power– including an ultra-wide color spectrum, unique enhancements, 360° design, no stitch and overlap coverage, unlimited color matching and gradients, and more.

Understand how to utilize the Velox digital decoration solution to revolutionize consumer engagement and expand your marketing options, from sample-based decision making, highly granular customization, and localization, to full graphical personalization and whole more.

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