The Velox IDS 250 direct-to-shape digital decorator delivers superior decoration quality and capabilities at high-volume production that outstrip both analog printing solutions and labels. At the same time, it allows a more efficient and flexible production process, with a low total cost of ownership (TCO).

  • Replaces analog decorators – Matches or exceeds the capabilities and benefits of analog direct-to-shape and analog/digital label-based solutions

  • Delivers superior quality for any decoration profile – Produces photorealistic image quality (up to 1200 dpi), with an ultra-wide color gamut, accurate color matching, and fine texts

  • Enables unique decoration enhancements – Superior to any direct or indirect decoration solutions available in the market; includes 360° printing with no slit or overlap, on-cap and on-weld printing, selective embossing, and gloss/matte varnish

  • Allows efficient manufacturing of any batch size – Zero make-ready costs and near-zero setup-time, with no lab preparations or calibration waste, reducing costs and saving operator time

  • Increases capacity of existing lines – Scalable print speeds that match or exceed production line speeds, along with near-zero setup time, together improve overall line efficiency

  • 24/7 availability – Inherent high reliability is boosted by built-in prevention, self-healing and impact minimization mechanisms

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