Velox’s DTS-Inkjet technology introduces an entirely new approach to digital printing that is set to disrupt the packaging decoration market. By developing both the ink and the system architecture from the ground up specifically for digital direct-to-shape printing, we have delivered a significant performance leap reaching far beyond any other direct-to-shape digital printing technology.

The two pillars of DTS-Inkjet technology are:

Adaptive Deposition Architecture™ (ADA)
Unique system architecture

Variable Viscosity Ink™ (VVI)
Specially formulated digital UV ink family

This unique combination of the ink and system architecture is the key enabler for the first-ever industrial-grade direct-to-shape digital printing technology. It enables unique attributes far superior to any analog or digital technology, including:

  • Inherent scalability – Allows virtually any speed and any number of simultaneous features, with extremely effective BOM utilization

  • Container substrate versatility – Optimized process parameters per substrate allows high-quality printing on almost any material: plastics (coated/uncoated), aluminum, metal, glass, and more

  • Photorealistic image quality – Up to 1200 dpi, with an unlimited number of printing colors and features, and vibrant colors delivering an ultra-wide color gamut

  • Intrinsic efficiency – Optimal printhead utilization and precise deposition control enable cost-effective scalable solutions