The Velox IDS 250 mass production digital decoration technology delivers major sustainability enhancements and reduces environmental footprint across every aspect of production, and beyond:

1. Decoration process

  • Eliminates almost all print setup, including plates, screens, blankets, chemicals, and spot inks kitchen
  • Reduces substrate waste
  • Replaces multiple decoration technologies with one, saving on space, energy, overhead, and more

2. Full production line

All the benefits related to the decoration process, plus:

  • Increases the capacity and the efficiency of existing lines – By significantly
    reducing downtime
  • Decreases the number of systems and modules needed for varnishing, coating and embellishment units, ovens, and drying systems
  • Reduces consumption of energy, storage, chemical handling units, and other resources

3. Entire manufacturing site

All the benefits related to the production line, plus:

  • Reduces inventory and eliminates overproduction – On-demand production eliminates the need to keep stock in order to meet short delivery times
  • Minimizes production constraints and simplifies logistics – By simplifying production planning

4. End-to-end product lifecycle

All the benefits related to the manufacturing site, plus:

  • Significantly simplifies the supply chain – With reduced transportation
    and logistical stock requirements, and improved planning and time-to-market
  • Replaces labels and sleeves with direct decoration – Saving on label substrates, glues, and logistics
  • Eliminates the need for secondary labels – Saving materials, contaminants, and inventories