Tackling the challenge to develop an industrial grade direct-to-shape digital decoration solution in a completely innovative approach, we at Velox developed our unique, protected technology in two domains. The first one is in the domain of the ink chemistry; the second is in the domain of the deposition management & control.

Flexible Deposition Architecture

Variable Viscosity Ink

By combining those 2 pillars together, we have developed a digital printing technology that is designed for mass production, with unique attributes that make it superior to any analog or digital technology:

  • Practically unlimited Speed/Throughput scalability –delivering production-line decoration speed of tens of thousands units per hour.
  • Wide substrate versatility – high quality printing/adhesion and other required properties over practically any material: Plastics (coated/uncoated), Aluminum, Metal, Glass and more …
  • Photo-realistic image quality –up to 1200 DPI or even higher, unlimited number of printing colors/features and vibrate colors delivering industry-widest gamut spectrum
  • Intrinsic efficiency –optimal usage of print heads and deposition control enable the implementation of cost-effective scalable solutions

Velox intellectual property is protected by a series of worldwide patents, with additional patent applications being filed on an ongoing basis.